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Monday, 17 February 2014

VOTE FOR KEATYN ROUND 2!! Dont forget to enter the giveaway too.

We are extremely happy Keatyn won first round of the Sweetheart Smackdown and is now in the elite 8!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone that voted for her!

We love Keatyn for many reasons, and thought it would be fun to share the top six reasons why we love her.


1. She's fun, confident and sassy, but she can also be chill, easy going, and laid back. She's the kind of person that everyone can (and wants to) be friends with.


2. She loves her family and is close to her mom, stepdad, and little sisters. Protecting her sisters was the reason she decided to leave her family even though she was scared.


3. We want her closet! It's HUGE and looks like a high-end boutique. Black and white brocade wallpaper. Sleek, black cabinetry. Shoes, boots, and bags lined up in perfect, color-coordinated order. It´s her favorite room, (you can almost sense the little tear in her eye when she proudly talks about it) and it show Keatyn's love for shoes, shopping, and pretty dresses.


4. She's much more than a dress-up city girl. Keatyn is just as comfortable all glammed up as she is sans makeup on the beach. She shows mad skills on a surfboard, and she feels just as much home on the wave as in a high-end boutique.


5. WE WANT HER BOYS. Keatyn is really lucky to have lots of guys in her life. Best friends, lovers, stepdad. They all have great personlities and mean a lot to her. (Should we point out a few of them? - Riley and Dallas are her best friends that will always protect her and make her laugh. )

6. Her face is expressive, and she has a natural talent for acting. Since she has a secret, she can't share her feelings with people and that means her natural talent comes in very handy. She has a great pout that no man can say no to. (Admit it, you do it too....)


Keatyn is our favorite heroine, and we hope that you will vote for her again.

Please vote and share the competition with your friends and family.

If you’re just meeting Keatyn, we appreciate your consideration of her Sweetheart qualities and your vote. (And did you know the first book Stalk Me is FREE right now?)

Below is the raffle copter link.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


The Sweetheart of the Smackdown IS Keatyn Douglas Monroe.


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