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Monday, 2 December 2013

Breathless by Rachel Brookes MY REVIEW


One look from Savannah Rae was all it took for Tate Connors to fall.

From the first moment he laid eyes on her, his world was irrevocably shaken. He’s willing to accept that his life will never be the same again, but when she has to leave for New York the distance becomes more than either of them expected.

Tate is left alone with not only an empty bed but also a thousand thoughts running through his head. Insecurities soar as he wonders if he could ever really be the kind of man Savannah deserves.

When the demons of his past continue to threaten the future he so desperately craves, Tate knows he has to make the ultimate choice. Risk destroying his relationship and his family with one life changing decision, or gamble on fate and hope the past stays exactly that…the past.

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My Views:

First up, lets just take a moment to appreciate the H.O.T.T cover for this book, can you all say SWOON! 

I should also let you in on a little secret at this point, MY NAME IS JENNIFER ENGLAND AND I AM A VICTIM OF THE TATE CONNORS EFFECT! Those of you that have read Just Breath will know exactly what I mean ;) 

Tate Connors...

I am a HUGE fan of Rachel Brookes. Her first book Just Breath was AWESOME and I completely fell in love with both Tate and Savannah. I literally COULD NOT WAIT for Breathless and the chance to get inside Tate's gorgeous head. I'm not going to use the word stalker but I will admit to watching Rachel's facebook book pretty damn closely while she fed my Tate addiction with teasers for this book. This is a pretty accurate picture of me the day Breathless arrived in my Kindle Library...

As always my review is SPOILER FREE but I can tell you this book is a roller coaster of EMOTIONS. I think I went from  happy to hot to sad to WTF in each chapter . I love how damn sweet Tate can be with Sav and just as I'm like yep they're gonna make it, Rachel Brookes throws me a CURVE BALL and has me like

Now I will warn you that being inside Tate's head is hard at times. This Guy breaks my FREAKING heart. Be prepared to UGLY CRY more than once throughout this book! It also leaves you with a hum-dinger of a CLIFF-HANGER and I can't believe I have to wait for Breath Again until I find out what happens, this is me for the foreseeable future whilst I dr5ive myself crazy with theories...

Overall I thought Breathless was AMAZING, it was everything I wanted and more. I give it 5 super-sonic book love stars.

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