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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Thanks, That Was Fun by Andie Nash BOOK TOUR + REVIEW + GIVEAWAY

Thanks, That Was Fun Blog Tour 

Book Description
 October 7, 2011

“Compelling and laugh-out-loud funny. The whip-smart dialogue, sharply drawn characters and unconventional ending make it a satisfying read for anyone who is single, heartbroken, in love, or in between.”  -- S. Parker Ross, author of "City Zen"

" gossiping with your closest girlfriends over a bottomless glass of wine. The characters are well-developed and the plot oddly suspenseful. I read it in two sittings, mesmerized by Nash’s ability to illustrate a very complicated and emotional time in this young woman’s life, without pontification and with plenty of humor."  --Angela Weldon

Jordan Lockhart is a struggling artist who is 30, underemployed, oversexed, and screwed up. She’s coming off a disastrous streak of drunken night stands and dead-end relationships when she rekindles a romance with ex-boyfriend Mark Chaplin, “the one that got away.” Against her better judgment, Jordan soon finds herself falling once again for Mark, a quirky, charming, pot-smoking massage therapist. The sex is great, their chemistry is red-hot, and just when it seems that their romance might actually work this time around, Jordan discovers that Mark has also fallen in love…with his cute bisexual neighbor.

Heartbroken, Jordan seeks solace in boozing it up with her motley crew of friends: Dean, an overweight, lovelorn librarian, Genna, a banker on a perpetual search for Mr. Right, and Iris, a single mother who views parenthood as somewhere between a part-time job and a hobby. Jordan bitterly swears off men and relationships to focus on her art and her budding alcoholism. Then she meets Louis.

Louis Avery is a twenty-year-old artist and devout Catholic with movie-star looks and “an ass like Brad Pitt.” Jordan falls hard for Louis, who enjoys her affections but strives to concentrate on his paintings and remain chaste, much to Jordan's chagrin. When Louis announces a plan to move to the wilds of Alaska to live “the natural life," Jordan hatches a desperate, hilarious plan to convince him to stay. 

"Thanks, That Was Fun" is a frantic modern love story with laugh-out-loud dialogue and compelling characters that remain with you long after you’ve turned the last page.

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My Views:
This book had me laughing, groaning, squirming and making me want to throw my Ereader at a damn wall at some points.

The banter through this book is hilarious, witty and it made me laugh out loud often which I loved.

The groaning part was the million mistakes that Jordan makes with men, which I could totally relate to. Sometimes she has a case of TMI in regards to sharing her feelings with some of the guys.

Now the squirming parts were lush, and although the main two guys in this book are not my cup of tea at all they were totally sold to me and the sex scenes are really good!

As for me wanting to throw my Ereader... there is a part of the book (I wont spoil it for you but I think you will know when you get to it!) that I was just like nooooo don't do it to yourself, yes I actually shouted that out loud lol.

This book didn't end at all how I was expecting and I liked that, I really hope we get a book 2 because I would love to hear more of Jordans story.

I give this 4 BIG BOOK LOVE STARS!

Chapter 4  "High Times In Low Company"

I have managed to avoid seeing Mark for nearly a month now: a little experiment to find out if feigning disinterest in him will tip the relationship scales in my favor. It's a time-honored trick that Genna swears by, one that I was just pissed off enough to implement after Mark's little "I can't promise anything" speech in my bed that night.
The first week of the experiment proved difficult, especially since Mark appeared to be playing the same ignoring game with me after the flowers-at-work stunt failed to pan out for him. Halfway through the second week he broke his silence and sent me a "Missing You" email card featuring animated kittens. I nearly broke down and called him, but successfully fought back the urge. By the third week he was clogging my cell with text messages, all of which I ignored. Yesterday he left me a voicemail: "So, what can I do to get you to talk to me again?"
I wait 24 hours to call him back.
"I'll give you a list," I say when Mark answers the phone.
"A list of things you can do to get me to talk to you again."
"But you're talking to me now."
"Good point," I say, then hang up on him.
He calls right back.
"That was funny. Immature, but funny."
"Thanks," I reply coolly. "So, what's up?"
"I'm having a barbeque at my place Saturday night."
"A barbeque? In February?"
"It's supposed to be 45 degrees this weekend."
"Wow. Heat wave."
"So will you come?"
"I don't know. What does one wear to a barbeque in February?"
"Something hot."

I spend the rest of the week having the same argument with myself:
I shouldn't go.
But it's just a barbeque.
Mark acted like an asshole.
He did send flowers.
Flowers don't mean anything.
But I kind of miss him.
I shouldn't go.
But it's just a barbeque.

I argue with myself all the way to Mark's house:
I shouldn't go.
But I want to get laid.
I have a vibrator.
But I'm halfway there.
It's not too late to turn around.
But I bought a new dress.
This party is going to suck.
But I want to get laid.

It's been half an hour since I walked in the door and already I am aching to leave, bored with the predictable mix of stoned hipsters and hippie stoners in attendance. To add insult to injury, upon my arrival Mark gave me a chaste kiss on the cheek and introduced me as “(my) lovely friend, Jordan" before scuttling off to the kitchen to do tequila shots with Kim and Raina. I made a half-hearted attempt to circulate among the guests but soon threw in the towel, feeling awkward and out of my element. 
I have stationed myself on the battered grey arm chair in Mark's living room, quietly smoking a cigarette and drinking my vodka tonic as the party buzzes around me. I am amusing myself by eavesdropping on three eccentrically-attired young women huddled around the coffee table, drinking beer and having an animated discussion about tattoos.  
"It's lame to get a tattoo with writing on it," says a petite redhead with a gigantic rose stenciled on her arm. "If you do, at least have them do it in Hindu or something."
"Hindu isn't a language," points out a curvy Asian girl in a retro 50's floral print. "It's called Hindi."
"Whatever," shrugs the one with the rose tattoo. "Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, you know what I mean? Just don't do it in English."
"Why?" the third girl wants to know. She has long blonde hair and a pierced lip. 
"It looks cooler if nobody can read it," says Rose Tattoo.
The Asian girl nods in agreement.

PLAYLIST for Thanks, That Was Fun by Andie Nash

"Lover, You Should've Come Over" -- Jeff Buckley
"God Help the Girl" -- God Help the Girl
"A Little Sugar in My Bowl" -- Nina Simone
"A Question of Time" -- Depeche Mode
"Trip Through Your Wires" -- U2
"Dancing Barefoot" -- Patti Smith
"Falling is Like This" -- Ani Di Franco
"Broken Hearted Savior" -- Big Head Todd and the Monsters
"Your Ex-Lover Is Dead" -- Stars
"Disconnect the Dots" -- Of Montreal
"Flying High Again" -- Ozzy Osbourne
"Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters" -- Elton John
"Sunday Morning Coming Down" -- Johnny Cash
"The Part You Throw Away" -- Tom Waits
"Thanks That Was Fun" -- Barenaked Ladies

About the Author:

Originally from Indianapolis (Kurt Vonnegut's hometown), Andie Nash is the author of Thanks, That Was Fun, available on Kindle and Smashwords.
She is currently working on a sequel to Thanks, due out in early 2014.
She lives in Reno, NV with her husband and their two cats.

Contact Andie:

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