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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Just Breath by Rachel Brookes


About the book

Just Breath introduces us to the beautiful Miss Savannah Rae.
 Savannah has been dealt a pretty crappy hand in life so far.
First off she loses both her parents and then she is blamed for the suicide of her first love. I mean come on, is life unfair or what!

She deals with her grief by being the ultimate party girl, indulging in hot men and living life in the fast lane.
When Mr Davenport (her fathers best friend and her 'substitute' dad) offers her the chance to leave Australia and all her unhappy memories behind to go and work in Los Angeles she jumps at the chance with plans on working hard and partying even harder.

Enter the pure sexiness of Tate Connors. Tate is a player pure and simple but he is a player with a heart (who doesn't love one of those!) he is gorgeous, hot and god damn drool worthy! Of course he is a player for a reason and under all his cocky guy persona is a very damaged and broken sweet guy that will have you swooning before you finish the book.


So what happens when two players meet their match? Read on and let the sexy games roll :)

My views :)

Ok so firstly let me tell you I was seriously girl CRUSHING on Savannah! She is fun, flirty, spunky and pretty much every girls perfect BFF. She is great as a main character and very likeable. There was no wimpy damsel in distress moments. Savannah isn't afraid to speak her mind and stick up for herself, which I LOVED.

Tate will have you fanning yourselves off (either that or offering up your panties) with his hotness, he will also have you wanting to throw whatever device you are reading from when he has his major douch bag moments! He literally had me shouting at my phone at some points, communication people!! He gets the wrong end of the stick a lot bless him but he gets there eventually.

We also get to meet Tanzi and Jack.
Tanzi is brilliantly crazy, Tate's twin sister and Savannahs best friend. 
Jack is Tanzi's boyfriend and SO funny, his lines had me cracked up laughing.

Rachel Brookes gives a brilliant story line that flows seamlessly, a kick ass main character and a heart throb that leaves us with the 'Tate Connors effect' for days after, what more can I ask for! Oh yeah she also gives us 'The Shower Scene' which Is AH-MAZ-INGLY HOT and will have you wanting to re-create that scene of horny perfection!

I absolutely adored this book and cannot wait for the release of book 1.5, where we get inside Tates head *squeal* and also of book 2.

Some of my favorite quotes from Just Breath

".......Tequila, bags and men were my weakness...throw tattoos in the mix and I was anyone's."

"........No matter what life you are handed, whatever you are dealt, whatever struggles you may face, please remember to just breathe"

"........He was what I liked to call my perfect prey, and he ticked all the right boxes: dark brown, scruffy just-had-a-wild-time-in-bed hair—check; piercing blue eyes—check; eyelashes that lasted for days—check; and a set of lips that were begging to be bitten—check. He was a true example of absolute perfection"

"........You frustrate me, Sav, you infuriate me, you make me angry, fuck, you make me throw glasses at the fucking wall, but I wouldn't have it any other way. You may have started as a game to me but then you became my challenge."

“........Yes, I don’t own you, Savannah, but you know what? You fucking own me. You have since the first time I met you…”

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